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"Because I Love You" Breakfast in Bed Gift Tray

"Because I Love You" Breakfast in Bed Gift Tray

Any day is the perfect day to let someone know just how much you care and nothing says it nicer then our "Because I Love You" breakfast in bed tray. Pamper them with the "King or Queen for a Day" royal treatment. Start with a heartfelt toast over a flute of Martinelli's Sparkling Cider. Add a delicious Otis Spunkmeyer Wild Blueberry Muffin and a Starbucks Columbia Coffee sweetened with some delicious Hershey's hot chocolate. Finish with her choice of numerous delicious chocolate delights including; Dove candy hearts, Russell Stover's famous trio collection or a sweet red chocolate lip kiss candy.

Let them relax with their favorite game book and cuddle with her cute fuzzy Bearington Bear. A little heart shaped box filled with our special treats is included. Feel free to fill it with any delight you choose.


"Because I Love You" Breakfast in Bed Gift Tray
SKU: Because I Love You
Price: $49.95
Dimensions: 25.25in. × 16.5in. × 8.25in.
You can see our selection of activity books below.
This is an upgrade from our standardly supplied Bearington Bear
Activity Books & Placemat Options:
Activity Book Options:

From crosswords to Suduko's, word finds to coloring books, Choose an activity book that will keep your special someone entertained for hours. A sharpened TLC Tray pencil or a box of TLC Tray crayons will be enclosed in your package. Click image to view enlarged.

Maze Craze Puzzle Book
Maze Craze Puzzle Book
Puzzle Fun for Kid's Puzzle Book
Puzzle Fun for Kid's Puzzle Book
Hundreds of Dalmations Coloring Book
100's Dalmatians Coloring Book
Down by the Sea for Kid's Coloring Book
Down by the Sea Coloring Book
Picture Word Find Puzzle Book
Picture Word Find Puzzle Book
Celebrity Word-Finds Puzzle Book
Celebrity Word-Finds
Variety Puzzles Puzzle Book
Variety Puzzles Puzzle Book
Hidden Message Word-Find Puzzle Book
Hidden Message Word-Find
Suduko Collection Puzzle Book
Suduko Collection Puzzle Book
Ultimate Crosswords Puzzle Book
Ultimate Crosswords
Placemat Patterns:
Placemat suggestions for adult women, teens & young girls:

Our original, individualized and very colorful flannel placemats are hand made right here in Delaware and come in a large selection of your choice of novelty fabrics suitable for gift recipients of all ages. These selections will vary at times as we update the collection. Click image to view enlarged. These are all just suggestions and can be chosen for any individual!

Upgrades and Additional Gift Add Ons:
Upgrade your collectible Bearington Bear:

Personalize your TLC Tray even further by upgrading from our universal Bearington Bear to one that is unique to your recipient. Nothing says "Happy Birthday", "Get Well Soon" and "I Love You Granpa" better then a soft, friendly, top quality Teddy Bear from the renowned Bearington Bear Collection.

Add on a Switchable Plug-in Nightlight:

Brighten your TLC Tray even more by adding a Switchable Stained Glass Nightlight that will continue to Brighten their lives every night! These beautifully crafted Nightlights come complete with a pattened nightlight plug that rotates so, no matter how your outlet was installed, your nightlight will always stand upright. In addition, the Stained Glass Design are exactly as named, Switchable, so the covers can be changed to match any season or mood. This great gift idea is now the perfect addition to your TLC Tray. Many of the designs match our placemats so well, you would think they were made to be together!