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The next best thing to sending mom!
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Announcing the launch of the new TLC Tray Website!

Announcing the launch of the new TLC Tray Website!
TLC Tray

1-88-TLC TRAY-2

Who needs a little TLC?



Our Standard TLC TrayTLC Tray, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of their new website TLCTRAY.com. We invite you to visit our site and discover just how easy and affordable it can be to brighten someone’s day. Our unique TLC Tray is a perfect alternative to sending flowers or your everyday gift baskets. It is a very special way to let someone know you care. Think of our product as a gift basket on a tray, a tray that contains the kind of special things that will take you back to the days when Mom really did know best.

So what does a TLC Tray include? Our standard TLC Tray Package includes numerous quality products all reminiscent of the days when Mommy really did know best. Our custom designed, solid oak bed tray is hand milled, assembled and finished right here in the good old USA. The colorful flannel placemats are also handmade right here in Delaware and come in a large selection of your choice of novelty fabrics suitable for gift recipients of all ages. No feel good package would be complete without a bowl of old fashioned chicken noodle soup and no one makes it better than Mrs. Weiss. Her secret Hungarian noodle recipes have pleased the pallet since 1921. Enjoy the soup with a big silver spoon and the original Nabisco Premium Saltines.

When daily life runs you down and stresses you out nothing will calm you better than Moms hot tea recipe made with the world’s long time favorite Decaffeinated Lipton Tea, natural honey and cooling lemon juice. If Mom’s TLC recipe wasn’t quite enough, a little dose of Vitamin C found in our Halls Defense Drops, along with our own soothing TLC Lip Balm and some tissues to wipe your troubles away should certainly do the trick. When you start feeling better your choice of activity books including crossword, Sudoku, word find and coloring books will keep everyone entertained for hours. An white TLC pencil, already sharpened, or a pack of TLC crayons are included to keep you from even having to get up! A big bright Gerber daisy that will never wilt or make you sneeze comes in a small ceramic juice cup you can use to wash down all that TLC!

And of course, no get well, feel good, just wanted you to know I care package would be complete without the most cuddly hug giver of all, a world famous Bearington bear to call your own. Your personal message will be enclosed and the entire tray, shipped in our exclusive custom package will be gently delivered by your choice of carriers. All the recipient needs do is lift up the lid and all the TLC they need will be beautifully displayed before them.

We think our TLC Tray really is the next best thing to sending Mom. We hope you’ll agree.